About Us

Company Profile

Assertive Driver Training was launched in Vancouver in January 2013 and it’s primary intention is the operation of an outstanding Driver Education Facility which teaches safety oriented driving skills, based on Assertive and Defensive training techniques.

The company’s main goal is to produce responsible and skillful motorists through teaching initiatives that develop and enhances disciplined, coordinated, and assertive driving behavior in any traffic situation.

Our Instructors are highly dedicated teachers who acquired their professional teaching qualification through an approved ICBC certified driver instructor training program, and bring along decades of experience in teaching and safely handling a broad range of vehicles.

It is well known that learners and novice drivers often form habits influenced by others and resulting in driving methods that do not conform to safety standards. With this in mind Assertive Driver Training has developed a comprehensive lesson program that teaches new students realistic hazard awareness, superb handling of vehicle, even in adverse traffic and weather situations, and enhanced safety skills and keen observation habits for life.

Mission Statement:

Assertive Driver Trainings mission is to save lives and minimize crash-related injuries by teaching new/young drivers to manage road risks and by inspiring actions throughout the community to improve road safety concepts. By implementing assertive training through outstanding education, safety oriented advocacy and strive for excellence our roads will become much safer places for the public to use and enjoy.