Complete Lessons

In Car

Our driving instructors are well trained professionals who will teach any new driver to become a safe and confident driver.

Depending on the stage a novice driver is at sign up for an appropriate course package, the new driver will learn the basic skills required for driving in any road situation. Toward the end of the lessons, the new driver will be given a simulated practice test to evaluate the chances of passing an ICBC road test.


Taking Your Lessons


We teach driving lessons for beginners, intermediate and even advanced drivers. If you have limited driving experience, we will use the first lesson for an assessment in order to find out what level you are at. Driving lessons are provided in well-maintained vehicles fully equipped for your safety and convenience


You are encouraged to give us feedback, either by phone or email, of the instructors performance after your lessons, just to make absolutely sure everything went well. And while we’ll always try to give you an instructor that’s right for you – if something’s not quite right, we will address this problem to your satisfaction.

How do you want to learn?


Everyone learns in different ways. So when you sign up to learn, one of the first things we’ll do is work out a personal lesson plan. It’ll be designed to give you the very best chance of passing your test and will help turn you into a safe and confident driver for life.

So how does it work? Well, for a start, we’ll want to find out about your driving experience so we know how many lessons you might need in total. Then we will work out how we can fit the lessons into your schedule. We usually recommend at least a 90 minute lesson each week, because most people find this works best. But it’s your call and we’ll fit around your schedule as best we can.