Starter & Preparation Lesson: 90 Minutes

90 minutes of individual practice in a training car for a general driving. This starter lesson will reveal your ability in smart decision making, when and where to yield, or taking the right of way. This lesson allows us to evaluate the student's parking and reversing maneuvers. We also will test the student's thorough knowledge of traffic rules and traffic signs.

$85.00 (plus 4.25 GST)

Road Test Package: 3.5 hours

One 90 minute individual lesson and a 45 minute warm up lesson combined with vehicle use during the ICBC Road Test.

The 90 minute lesson includes practicing in regular city traffic focused on all driving, parking and reversing maneuvers and driving skills required to pass a BC Road test for class 7 or 5.

$ 190.00 (plus 9.50 GST)

Basic Package: 6 hours

4 x 90 minute driving lessons, this package is for student drivers, with driving experience, preparing for the ICBC Road Test. These lessons will include most of the techniques required to use a motor vehicle on BC's roads in a safe and efficient manner. The focus will be on safe decision making, and demonstrating total control in any traffic situation. Acceptable parking maneuvers, safe reversing and constant speed and lane control is essential to complete this course.

$325.00 (plus 16.25 GST)

Use of the training vehicle for an ICBC Road Test $106.00 + GST, includes a 45 minute warm up session (this option is included in the Road Test, Regular, Extended, and Extended Plus Packages).

48 hours notice for driving lesson cancellation, no shows or last minute cancellations will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Roadstar Package: 11 hours

6 x 90 minute lessons, and a 2 hour roadtest session which includes 60 min warmup and the use of the training vehicle during the ICBC Road Test.

The roadtest session can be substituted for a 2 hour highway and long distance session, if desired.

The course is for students, with basic driving abilities; in need of professional assistance to improve on their driving skills, in preparation of the ICBC Road Test. All driving and parking maneuvers will be practiced. Re-enforcing safety habits and evaluating the student's knowledge about street signs, traffic rules and hazard perceptions.

$595.00 (plus 29.75 GST)

Extended Package: 14 hours + RT

8 x 90 minute sessions, 1 x 2 hour freeway and distance driving lesson, and includes a 60 minute warm up lesson combined with vehicle use during the ICBC Road Test. 

This course is for new drivers wanting to learn how to operate a vehicle in any traffic situation. Students will learn abut the vehicle and safety equipment, mechanical or electrical components in a vehicle, different speed cycles, and controlling complicated steering maneuvers, includes driving on residential streets, city rush hour, freeways, reversing, 2 & 3 point turns, parallel parking. We teach students about emergency situations; mechanical, traffic related or accidents, hazard prevention techniques and safe braking maneuvers. By taking this course, you will gain the full ability to handle a car safely and efficiently in any weather and traffic situation.

$798.00 (plus 39.90 GST)

Extended Plus Package: 21.5 hours + RT

13 x 90 minute sessions, 1 x 2 hour long distance driving lesson, this course also includes a 60 minute warm up lesson combined with vehicle use during the ICBC Road Test.

This fully comprehensive course is similar to our Extensive Package, but with considerable more intensive training procedures and driving time.

$1098.00 (plus 54.90 GST)

Roadtest session only: 2 hours

This session is for a BC roadtest assistance including a 60 min warmup lesson and the exclusive use of the training school car for the roadtest.

$ 120.00 (plus 6.00 GST)