Emil from Assertive Driver Training School is a very competent and passionate Driving Instructor and also a fantastic easy going person. It was the best decision I hired his Driving School for helping me to regain my Canadian Driver Lcence again.

I am a longtime driver, but had to retake a Roadtest, because my Canadian Licence expired. Unfortunately I had far too many bad habits aquired due to driving in other countries.Such bad habits would have definitely prevented to pass an ICBC Roadtest.

Therefor I owe to Emil and his passionate, but firm training methods that I have the privilege to have a Canadian driver licence again. Emil helped me tirelessly and very professionally to correct my bad habits,and prepare me properly for the Roadtest. Because of such skillful teachings I got my BC driver licence without any problems.

The fact that I received such great service from Assertive Drivers,makes it easy for me to decide that my children will also engage the services from Assertive Drivers, just to ensure they get the best driver education available, and make them safe and smart drivers for life.

Jerry W. 

Whiterock, BC

Jerry Wang (business owner)

"If you want to learn how to drive safely and competently, then enrolling in Emil Schattner's Assertive Driver Training is the smartest move you can make.

I selected his service based on the exellent reviews and very competitive price, and I was not disappointed.

Every lesson was thoroughly planned and taught, and  I came home feeling more and more prepared each time.

Emil's teaching style is warm and laid back, so I am sure that even the most nervous of students will find they are able to relax and feel comfortable going for their Roadtest. 

I've recommended Assertive Driver Training to friends and family, old and young alike.

Zaqir V.

Richmond, BC

Zaqir Virani

Mr. Shattner was my driving instructor preparing me for the class 5 Roadtest in Richmond. He is very patient and a great driving instructor. He taught me many helpful driving techniques, and provided thorough guidance where it was needed most. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgable and experienced instructor.

Japreet L.

Surrey, BC

Japreet Lehal

As new immigrants to Canada, and with young children, we needed to learn how to drive safely In Canada. We found Mr. Emil from Assertive Driver Training to be very kind and helpful to take us along with the whole process.

Me and my wife we both were able to get our class 5 driving license in Canada under the training of Assertive Driver Training, this was due to the experience and dedication Mr. Emil gives to his students.

The prices charged by Assertive Drivers are very reasonable too.

If you want to drive safe & with confidence on the roads on Vancouver we would recommend to get in touch with Mr. Emil from Asserive Drivers.

Martin W. & Archana Jacob

Martin W. Jacob

 I found Emil to be a very kind and patient instructor. he was very knowledgable concerning my upcoming  Roadtest, and provided me with a lot of feedback and corrections about my bad driving habits. He offered many helpful instructions, which were absolutely essential to pass my class 5 roadtest. One thing I like about Emil is his quirky "dad-like" humor and the fact he can remain calm even in very irritating traffic situations.  His specialized   hands on training in Richmond helped a lot to familiarize myself with the roads there and prepare myself for any hazard which might occur during the test. He addressed thoroughly any questions and traffic concerns during the class 5 preparation lessons.  I would highly recommend booking lessons with Assertive Driver Training to anyone who is looking to learn safe & essential driving skills, or maybe just to tune up on rusty skills and get rid of bad habits. 

Diego Estevez, Vancouver BC


Diego Estevez

I recently moved to BC from another Province and needed to upgrade to my class 7n. I took a lot of driving lessons from different instructors but Emil is by far the best! Not only is he a great instructor, he is a caring person who goes the extra mile for his students. For example, when I failed my first test (some jerk honking at me got the better of me) Emil offered to wake up at 6am to look for an opening for me to take the test again. When I got an appointment it was out in Burnaby where he does not normally work, but he came out to give me a lesson to get familiar with the area and let me use his car for the test...I passed! You can't find a better instructor and he also has a newer car that is nice to drive.

Alicia S.


Alicia S.

Hi, my name is Thelma and I am a former student of Emil's. It comes to me with great pleasure to say that Emil's dedicated teaching and supportive ways have made learning how to drive for me an ease. I would not be where I am, on the roads, today without the professional training I have received from Emil. I would very much like to say that I have enjoyed and am very grateful to have received instruction from Emil, and would definitely recommend him to any learning driver in need for help. Thank you Emil!

Thelma Hamberger

As a new driver I highly recommend this driving school. My instructor was very patient with me, and took the time to explain every action in great detail. He emphasized the importance of developing safe driving habits. The lessons were always interesting and fun, and I learned something new with each one. We went out in all kinds of weather/driving conditions. I went from being an older woman who had never driven before, to a safe and confident driver at age 61. So whatever your skill level or age you should pick this school.

Kristina Foley

I was practicing to take my driver's exam last year and was recommended by a friend to take driving lessons with Emil. My friend had taken a few lessons with him earlier and had recently passed his exam. I was really nervous because I had not driven very much beforehand and I wasn't sure what to expect. Emil is a great instructor. He is very patient and calm. He makes learning how to drive a really pleasant experience with very little stress. After a few lessons, I successfully passed my exam on the first try. I would not have felt as confident as I did going into my exam without his lessons. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning how to drive. 

Thanks Emil! I wish you the best in your new endeavors.

Fayroza Alikhani

I was fortunate to have known Emil as my driving instructor. He is professional and knowledgeable, who taught me strategies and techniques on how to become a safe and good driver. You won't get intimidated by him when you make some mistakes. He'll guide you along the road with his unselfish guidance and patience until you get your license. I surely recommend hiim as the best instructor in town. He'd met way far than my expectations!!!

Deserie Ighara

After passing with only one minor driving fault, I would recommend Emil from ASSERTIVE DRIVER TRAINING to anyone who needs to learn how to drive safely. He was always professional and on time, and  always made me calm and confident during my lessons. A very friendly driving instructor with plenty of patience! Of all the driving schools in the Lower Mainland, choose these guys - they are the best.

Amrinder Bakshi

When I first started to take driving lessons with Emil I had no experience in driving. After about 35 hours of driving, scattered throughout almost one year, I passed the class 7 exam with "Bravo!" at the first try. More than that, I've been driving for about 2 years with no accident, no contravention, and no fear. His calm, friendly and systematic manner of giving instructions combined with his vast experience as a safe driver makes Emil a most valuable driving teacher.

Liviu Victor Socolovici